Pity Sex is so good! Just saw them a few weeks ago in Brooklyn. You have a great taste in music. What's your favorite band?

Thank you!

Ahh that’s such a difficult question. It really depends which genre, tbh. I mainly listen to hardcore. So along those lines it would be bands such as The Greenery or Downpresser.

Similar to pity sex would be Dads or The Front Bottoms.

I’d really like to get back into blogging, but i feel like its just a compilation that doesn’t make sense.

Life doesn’t make sense right now.
Heartbreak sucks and can’t not think about it.
Not knowing the right decisions, because my conscience feels broken from self doubt.
Finally an adult, and now all i want is to be a kid  again.

I have no idea what i’m doing anymore.

I haven’t had someone ask me a personal question in God knows how long.

that’s really because no one genuinely cares about anthers depth. and as deep and they want to go is to find out questions regarding sex or anything on the surface, only embracing the physical. 
we all have souls as well.
and an intellect that likes to be played with.

Dominate me.